Quality water options throughout the home.

Truly great water

Our aim at European WaterCare Ireland is to make the water in your home so much better, in fact, that it’ll feel and work like world class water, day & night, whenever and wherever you need. Our taps and water filters will improve the taste of your drinking water. Our range of water softeners will protect your house from scale build-up, keeping chrome fittings, glass, tiles and surfaces cleaner and shinier for longer. They will also keep heating systems and pipework working efficiently, which in turn will reduce energy costs and save you money.

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  • Bespoke water solutions
  • Softer hair and skin
  • A scale free home
  • Softer towels and laundry
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Great tasting quality water

Solutions for the home


High quality softened water throughout your home – browse our range of home water softener systems to suit all sizes of property and family. Softer skin, softener towels and laundry in a scale-free home that is more energy efficient and cheaper to run.

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Our under sink water filter systems provide great tasting, crystal clear, restaurant quality water at home. Our water filters also remove limescale, helping kettles and pans stay looking new and working better for longer.

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We have everything you need to keep your water softener working, including replacement salt blocks, salt granules and salt tablets from a range of trusted brands.

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